unspecified-1-3hello, and welcome to my website. 🙂

there are many labels with which i can assign myself — actor, dancer, singer, writer, cookie monster (i *love* cookies…like….love) — but my favorite by far has to be human. an individual. a soul. now, i know you may have come here to find out about my professional stuff and the like — and you can find all of that — but hopefully you’ll leave feeling a little more connected to the corey story — that is, my journey. the way i’ve carved out my life thus far.

the best way to do that? treat this website like a house. poke in and out of each “room” and explore. stay as long or as short as you like. hopefully, by the time you close a tab, you will have found a piece of inspiration. the corey story is a perpetual one. thanks for joining me as it’s being written.

to find out about current happenings click HERE.

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