question: where do you live?

answer: yes.

(in other words i bounce back and forth between nyc and l.a.)

1237180_10151798200229594_570366717_nmy stomping grounds are the fertile soils of baton rouge, louisiana. grew up and went to school there, and nope — i do NOT have a pet alligator (…although i have eaten them.) i’m the eldest of three siblings and am a part of a unique and beautiful family which includes my two nephews – one who’s larger-than-life and another who’s…large. (maybe the chunkiest baby i’ve ever seen). i feel like i’m the split-down-the-middle971257_10151650068114594_1183783108_n perfect mix of my very-in-touch-with-her-feelings-and-shoot-from-the-hip ma and my direct-this-is-business-and-we-need-to-get-things-done da. when i was growing up i wanted to be a doctor, inspired by none other than dr. heathcliff huxtable of the cosby show. i was a shy kid and had more imaginary friends than real ones and my idea of a perfect day was school, homework, cartoons, a book or nintendo, and maybe a mud pie or two after climbing a magnolia tree…alone. my mom was an interpreter for the deaf and my curiosity got me involved with her and signing as a means of expression became somewhat of a hobby for me, but after a while it turned into more…

i discovered my love for dance while watching mikhail baryshnikov demonstrating “up” and “down” on sesame street. while it took years for me to come around (age 17), art through any medium had always been a means of expression. (i also paint, 1376332_10151948700614594_1680541991_ndraw and sculpt. actually how i began my artistic process so to speak.) speaking specifically about dance, it is the versatility of the art that is most appealing to me. the exploration of physically emoting and creating moving art so closely intertwined with present (or non-present) emotion is addictive. shapes, lines, curves, cutting through space. it’s all so fulfilling. i   b e l i e v e   t h a t   t h e r e   s h o u l d   b e   a   t h r e e – p a r t   h a r m o n y   b e t w e en   t h e   d a n c e r , t h e   m e s s a g e   ( o r c o n c e p t )   a n d   t h e   a u d i e n c e and i wish to convey and transpose a passion that fuels that belief through performance, choreography, and instruction.

some years later, i started acting (while going to school for business), then singing — enter music theatre — then guitar playing. after a bit, i started writing – songs and scripts. one thing lead to another and i found myself caught in this whirlwind of artistic expression. it became a way of life for me…a means. it also kept me in touch with myself because so much of it requires me. me being real. me being vulnerable. me being unrefined.


but necessary. and i try to remind myself of that on a day-to-day basis. e m b r a c e   e m o t i o n . l o o k   f o r   t h e   ” c r a z y m o m e n t s ”   b e c a u s e   t h e y  a r e   w h a t   m a k e   l i f e   l i f e. and not just for art’s sake, but for my personal well-being. “being a creator is more important than the whole world. in fact, it is the world.” (deepak chopra)

764_COREY_WRIGHT_HEADSHOTS_2014_02_06so here i am. in new york — or l.a. or quite honestly all over the world — dippin’ and dabbin’ and snickin’ and snackin’ in and through and with and up everything that i can. yeah, i ‘ m   a   p e r f o r m e r ,   b u t   i t   d o e s n ‘ t   d e f i n e   m y   l i f e . i t i n f o r m s   i t. i’m a human first with some of the most amazing friends. i dream big, and while i’m content, i’m not complacent. i’m learning more and more about myself and the world around me as the days go on. i’ve discovered a lot through some tears, laughter, heart-ache, questioning, embracing, pushing away…i’ve made some mistakes (life, right?), but i use my past to my advantage. i’m not a victim, and i never will be. i’m a skillful champion. i’m finding my eros…

and i’m takin’ this thing day by day.

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